Regional Analysis & Benchmarking

Regional Analysis
Lawrence Consulting has the capacity to produce reports on regional economies for any area within Australia and New Zealand. Lawrence Consulting has developed a Gross Regional Product model which can be applied to each region to further assist in evaluating industry performance in each region, along with the performance of the overall regional economy.

Typically, analysis of a region’s economy would include the following economic indicators:

Throughout the analyses, indicators are examined and compared at the Local Government, Regional and State level. Importantly, outlooks are developed from the trends in indicators and with regard to other relevant regional, state, national and international developments. Overall, the reports are used by organisations for planning purposes as well as promoting the region internationally as a place to do business.

Regional Model
Lawrence Consulting specialises in the identification of structural and strategic issues which affect the growth and investment prospects of local economies – in overall, sectoral and regional terms – using quantitative and modelling techniques. Our Regional Model quantifies the implications of macro and sectoral developments for defined regions across Australia.

In addition, Lawrence Consulting has a range of detailed local area economic models, which can be used to analyse in detail the impact of, for example, new investment proposals and local policy initiatives.

Economic Benchmarks for Local Government
Lawrence Consulting has extended our capacity to produce critical economic indicators on a local and regional level to prepare a suite of key economic benchmarks for local government areas across Australia. We have developed a set of headline indicators which provide a coherent picture of regional economic performance, based on a sound economic framework, using the best available data:

The Economic Benchmarks for Local Government report contains indicators for every Local Government Area (LGA) across Australia, ranking by State and Australian Local Government Classification (ALGC).

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